Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Mad, Incestuous Father Letting in Evil

The House on Blackstone Moor has both supernatural AND human evil. We should never underestimate human evil nor ignore the terror it leaves in its wake. History if nothing else has taught us that.

My heroine comes home to find her father has murdered her mother and siblings. That’s the start of the novel. How she reacts and what happens is at the core of the story.

A sin like abuse committed on a child has dire consequences—that is true in this novel and in life in general. Rose feels that her father ‘let evil in’. She asks this throughout the story. There is an answer forthcoming and it’s shocking.

The setting and time of the story doesn't help Rose Baines cope with this as it's set in 19th Century England. I venture to say there were no support groups. She coped as best she could.

The themes in this book are far darker than in most paranormal romances. I wanted this so because I wanted to incorporate real horror into the storyline.

We can read or watch films that have terrifying supernatural elements to them: vampires, werewolves and the like—but there is comfort in the fact that it's myth, and that’s all. I enjoy removing the comfort aspect, because without that comfort zone--we get real horror.

Rose’s father is neither a vampire nor a werewolf. He is a very real character in a realistic situation. He abused his position of trust in the most diabolical way.

Monsters among us have always intrigued me. Beasts that dwell all around have fascinated me for years. I guess that has shaped my writing.

I have incorporated the themes of good and evil among my mythical creatures as well. There are (as quoted in a previous blog post) ‘heroes even among the fallen.’

A creature that is damned can have more redeeming features than one considered to be human who has sinned in my estimation. I find this interesting to consider and well, I might as well tell you I am working on my next novel which does this sort of thing.

Although differently themed, there are those human beings who will be seen to be at least as evil as some that are damned. Horror is horror in my opinion real or not.

This is book 1 of The Blackstone Vampires Series. Each book in the Series is priced at $2.99 singly.


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