Friday, July 3, 2015


Hey! I started a a new Facebook Group for all sorts of horror fans, readers & writers! It's called '99 cents Horror & All Things Supernatural. Its purpose is to have writers post offers of their horror novels when priced at 99 cents! Horror-loving readers can see what's on offer and zero in on some bargains. 

About my group: let's face it, horror is a broad-based genre. It covers a wide range of fiction. There is dark horror, Gothic and contemporary as well. There's supernatural horror and not supernatural horror. Fiction about Jack the Ripper is, I would say, horror. So is Thomas Harris' Silence of the Lambs. It's in three categories on Amazon, one of which is; HORROR!

Paranormal Romance, a sub-genre of romantic fiction has paranormal elements to it. Ghosts and witches for instance are offshoots of horror. Blend them with romance and you have paranormal romance.

The romance can be dark, light, sexy or erotic. It can have shape-shifting creatures in it. Say, for example, Joe Wolf comes home after a night of howling. His lady friend is all ready for him in bed. "Hey Joe! Shake a paw and come up here. I have champagne and raw meat!"

She says this assuming Joe is back in his human form. We don't want it too kinky!

Like vampires? Vampires abound in paranormal romance and straight out horror. Let's not forget about zombies or any other monster that pushes your buttons-- whatever monster you like to read or write, it's okay with me! My group is for you!

Do you read or write Gothic romance? I do. Now, that's got to have a mystery in it. Gothic romance has changed since our Grannies read them. Today's Gothic Romances steam with sex some of them. Readers want to be intrigued and turned on! Why not?

My Group has no restrictions on how much you post (if you are a writer with a 99 cent book), I'd prefer it to be once a day, really.

This group is just getting started. Let's build it up. Please follow the link to join if you are interested, I think we're going to rock!

99c Horror & All Things Supernatural:

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