Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Confessions of a Demon: Unholy Testament - Full Circle

Excerpt from the novel:

"Now, I shall tell you of the most interesting adventure. Eve and I left my lodgings and headed up toward the river. London was not the easiest place to travel in those days; many people went by boat. We hired a boatman to take us upriver. Eve gave him specific directions as to our destination.

There was much mystery about our trip. No matter how much I pressed her, she barely told me anything for she wished me to see it for myself. The river teemed with boats, yet as we progressed along, the traffic thinned out as the scenery began to change. We passed great houses, mansions really. Eve looked proud of herself sitting there, proud to know such people, I suppose.

At last we arrived. The boat did not dock as such, for a few men stepped out of the shadows to receive the boat and ourselves. It was obvious too that they were carefully vetting us. Clearly, a lot of precautions were being taken to ensure we were entitled to arrive. Eve had only spoken a little about who it was we were to see. I think she did it more for a sense of drama than anything else. Whatever her reasons, I found myself thrilled by the occasion of this visit.

“Look, there is the house.”

I looked to see a great house, far larger than those we passed, coming up. It seemed to me to be a manor house probably built in the past century. Enough light emanated from the house for us to see the servants who had come out to greet us. They looked ordinary enough but on closer inspection, they seemed a bit odd, very reserved and guarded.

One of them announced: “His Lordship is in the library.”

Oh right, I thought. His Lordship, how interesting.

He motioned for us to enter. We did, stepping into a circular entrance hall. It looked like the one at Blackstone House. I always thought Eve fancied this one and had the other modeled to look like it. The hall was even grander still, what with its paintings and cabinets, vases and settees; each and every object looked priceless.

At last, we were shown into the library. A well-dressed man stood there, with his back to us. When he turned around, we saw he was masked. An ornate and quite attractive mask, all gold and decked with black plumes. “Ah Eve,” he called. “I am so honored.”

Eve hurried to him and they embraced. Then she whispered something. He turned to look at me and I felt certain she had told him what I was.

“This is an honor,” he said, almost bowing.

I replied it was for me, as well.

He didn’t offer us drinks, which I thought odd. Instead, he led us to a series of passageways, the last of which led in turn to some stairs. I didn’t see the stairs immediately, as there was a rather handsome tapestry covering the entrance. He pulled it back and bade us to follow him.

The air had suddenly turned dank. The further we walked, the more damp it felt. I lost count of the many rats that scurried around us. It was in fact a thoroughly creepy but atmospheric place, no doubt perfect for whatever occurred there.
At last, we entered a chamber of some sort. I shall tell you of another place like this later on.

I saw many people about, all of them naked but for a mask! Eve asked me if I was shocked. I assured her little would shock me as I had seen nearly everything there was to see in my existence.

The guests milled about casually, seemingly oblivious to their nakedness. I have to say their physiques ranged from handsome to atrocious. The women weren’t too bad; in fact some were quite pleasing to the eye. The men, however, did vary in how they looked. Some were terribly fat and paunchy; others more slender and toned. They barely noticed us but greeted their host instead—the ladies by curtseying and the gentlemen by bowing. We were then led into another room; the one thing I noticed was the altar in front.

Eve whispered something to me, which I did not hear. She then stepped over to our host, drawing off his cloak so that he too was naked.After this, she disrobed quickly and stretched out upon the altar. I gasped for I hadn’t expected her to do that.

His Lordship took his place there too and called upon Satan to come and received his bounty.

I was incredulous. I suppose I was jealous. Satan appeared—emerging from a great cloud of noxious smoke in his human form. He made straight for Eve and I had the feeling that he had seen her many times before. He took her there as dogs take one another, as I have taken many men and women in my existence. It lasted for so long, too. Eve shrieked with delight.

When at last they finished, a young girl, looking quite insensible, was brought forth on a litter. She couldn’t have been more than fourteen. She wasn’t defiled sexually; in fact, she was offered up whole to Satan. He began to devour her, then all stepped forward to take pieces of her gore-encrusted flesh. Eve appeared quite ravenous, her naked body gleaming with blood. I too ate, for it was all somehow stimulating.

After this, we lay satiated for a time while musicians came to play for us. It recalled to me the distant days spent at Caligula’s palace when such music was played. You see, the instruments were the same—lutes. The musicians were robed as Romans, which I thought gave the whole sordid and vile scene some class.

Later on, we both participated in an orgy, although not with one another. I don’t know how many women threw themselves at me and men, too. I slept afterwards and woke to see some servants cleaning up the bloody remains of the girl. His Lordship seemed particularly taken with Eve. I lost count of the number of times they coupled.

When at last it ended, we left the same way we had come. Eve was glowing for she had really enjoyed herself. She asked me how I liked it. I assured her I found it very stimulating even though I was a bit bored.

“Well, you will not be! For I have yet to show you a real witches’ sabbat. When should you like to see one?”

“As soon as possible,” I replied..."

(End of excerpt)



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