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The Necromantic Doctor and His 'Studies' From Unholy Testament - Full Circle

mature content:

A demon's confessions of his existence. This about outrages and grave robbing.

From Eco's Journal:

“Mind? I’d be delighted!”

And so we began our foray into grave robbing in order to supply Lentworth with as many fresh corpses as he liked.

Imagine if you will a tear in your clothes. Think how easily an entire garment may come apart if you pull the right way. That is how Satan thought of Lentworth. He wished for him to come apart. That was the purpose of the enterprise: Dr. Josiah Lentworth’s destruction—moral and physical.

It was working too this plan of Satan’s because Lentworth had taken to drinking heavily and hardly working at all for he wished to spend more time with the dead, and drink gave him the courage to do it.

Satan and I often spied on him and frankly, what we saw there shocked us both, although less so Satan.

“I did see this sort of thing in Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah. Have you seen such displays as this, 


In the course of my existence, I had seen many perversions but this stood out as one of the most depraved examples.

We were perched outside looking in upon the most appalling scene—Lentworth surrounded by naked women and girls. All of them dead, of course.

He had carefully placed them in every position imaginable and was performing all sorts of sexual acts upon them and taking rather a long time to do it, too.

His mother, poor elderly old thing, had recently been dumped in a dubious ‘home for invalids’ that took payment for custodial care, thereby freeing Lentworth so that he might indulge in all of his deviant sexual practices.

“It’s quite remarkable, isn’t it?”

Satan was referring to the doctor’s rather unusual lovemaking.

I agreed that it was and suggested we go down as I was tired of perching upon the rafters.
We flew down in a moment. Satan was very chatty. He began to tell me about an idea of his.

“It’s what we might call the next step in this venture. You see, I have decided to cut off the good doctor’s supply of cadavers.”


“I suspect there would be interesting results were I to do so! For I think he would resort to murder, were that supply to stop.”

His current suppliers left as the authorities had, by this time, cracked down hard on the resurrection men. They were just too frightened to continue.

It wasn’t long before Lentworth found himself without any corpses at all.
“I shall be finished! What will I do?”

We were all having a chat in his house, well aware of the scene upstairs in his bedroom.

Satan even sniffed the air and suggested he haul out the formaldehyde later. Poor Lentworth nodded and began to cry.

“What shall I do if I cannot continue to advance my study?”

Satan smiled. “Study is it, not fucking dead flesh?”

Lentworth took umbrage. “Really, Mr. Gray, how dare you say such a thing and to me, a scientist!”
Satan shook his head. “Lentworth, old chap, we both know what you do. We’ve seen you copulating with your corpses!”

Lentworth looked as though he might faint.

“No, don’t faint,” Satan urged.

He paused then and nodded toward me. Suddenly, I felt a great rush of excitement for I knew he was going to say something devastating.

“Let me enlighten you, Lenty old boy. You see before you two demons who can help you be happier than you have ever dreamed.”

Satan rarely admits under such circumstances to being the devil and will on occasions such as this call himself a demon.

“But that’s impossible!”

“It is not! Come!” he urged.

We followed Satan to the stairs.

It all began as soon as Satan raised his arm. In not more than a moment, a parade of corpses began walking down the stairs!

Yes, Rose, he animated them! These female cadavers, blue with death, some showing signs of decomposition, were now moving about as though they still lived!

Lentworth collapsed. “Please, no more!”

Satan looked triumphant. “Are you sure you wish them to stop?”
“Yes! Please, I beg you. Stop them!”

“Very well,” Satan replied and had his risen creatures lie down. “Do not fear, Josiah, we can make you happier than you’ve ever been!”

When he had finally calmed down he did want to know how this would be achieved. That was when Satan mentioned the carriage.

“A carriage?”

The change in him was so dramatic. He went from vice-ridden doctor with some redeeming features to moral degenerate and sexual maniac in a moment.

“A carriage,” Satan repeated. “I shall drive it and my associate shall ride with you for he wishes to indulge his curiosity.”

“He does?”

“Yes, he wishes to see what you do. All of it. He is most curious! You don’t mind, do you?”

He didn’t mind at all. His eyes burned with mad intensity as his face grew more flushed.

“I shall be pleased,” he said. But he said it dreamily as if he was already living his own dark nightmare.

(End of excerpt)

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About Unholy Testament - Full Circle:

The fact that Carole Gill was able to create such vivid characters still baffles me. 
~B. J. Gaskill

Dark and gruesome equates to beauty, History, Romance and Mystery. Full of
dark, gory, evil and heinous twists and turns which keeps your adrenaline going.
~Nancy Allen




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