Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meet Horror Author Rena Mason for Women in Horror Month!

When I was a young teenager, I preferred reading female writers because the emotions I longed to experience came through more in their works for me. I write mostly about women. Friends, acquaintances, passersby. Women I’ve heard about, read about, or seen on TV. Women I don’t know. Me. I also prefer to read about these women.

My ideas for writing stemmed from me wanting to take the domestic aspects of people’s lives and turn them upside down but not with your ordinary family problems of the kids getting bad grades, affairs, divorces, etc. We’ve all experienced these things.

I wondered what would happen if I added a bit of horror, the unbelievable, the dark fantastical, and see how these “normal” people would respond. That’s what happened with The Evolutionist, my debut novel about Stacy Troy, a woman living in the suburbs of Las Vegas with a perfect family and her book club friends. Her life breaks down after she sees a psychiatrist for recurring nightmares that turn out to be much more than she’d ever expected. In the end, she has to make a choice—see and believe the unbelievable, or remain blind but knowing in the reality of suburbia.

There are many more female horror authors nowadays compared to when I was growing up, but back then we didn’t have the means of finding what we wanted by typing it into an electronic device, and bam, there are a hundred plus choices. I think because of the Internet, we’re more accessible than before, but we’re still outnumbered compared to male authors. With more exposure from web events such as Women in Horror Month, I hope word will get out, and more women writers will be less intimidated to step up and dip their toes into something a little darker.

Rena Mason lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, a member of the Horror Writers Association, and an active member of the International Thriller Writers. She’s written several short stories published in various anthologies. Her debut novel The Evolutionist was released April 2013 from Nightscape Press. The novella, East End Girls, a part of JournalStone Publishing’s DoubleDown series Book 1 was released June 2013. To learn more about Rena and her upcoming projects, visit these sites:


Thank you, Rena for posting here for WIHM!
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