Sunday, May 21, 2017

Where I Was When I Wrote About Vampires and Demons!

I'm busy working on my new book. But I want to blog more. I think readers like to know about the writing process.

As I just put up a tweet about book 2 Unholy Testament - The Beginnings, in The Blackstone Vampires Series, I happened to think of where I was when I wrote one of the chapters. My darling husband made it possible because when we went away with the doggies in our caravan, I had my laptop and whatever else was needed!

I'll start here even though it's book two. I'll give you two for one today. Book 1 of course came first.
That was The House on Blackstone Moor. I remember starting that after an exhausting outing on Haworth Moor which we did after seeing the Bronte Parsonage. I've blogged about it.

Let me just say briefly about the inspiration: there is an old ruin there, some say it was the inspiration for Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. That gave me an idea, but the main inspiration was the moor itself. It's dramatic and bleak, even on a nice day.

I pictured a house and began to fill it with inhabitants. I imagined the land haunted and the storyline followed!

This post is about Book 2, Unholy Testament - The Beginnings and where I was. Well, we were in Scotland with very good friends. It was summer and the midges were out. They're nasty little things like mosquitoes. They're not always out or troublesome, we were just lucky! But it turned out great. We drove along the northern coast and thrilled at the wild beauty of the place.

I really had to use my imagination in order to write about a mad demon confessing his sins because it was so beautiful there. But I did!

Another world opens up when you need it to. It's the world of your fiction, the fiction you are working on. Your characters dwell there and you watch them. They live and breathe, too. And if you have to wait for them to 'come alive,' you will. They do, I promise you.

Sometimes it takes awhile and it can be annoying, but then it happens. Just keep up with it. They'll let you know how and when. Your characters like and respect you, even if you are wary of them and their motives!

Remember, imagination is everything in writing. Inspiration is the spark that sets the whole thing off. Standing by a loch in Scotland can inspire me to see something in my mind: a ship sailing on open seas, staffed by vampires, overseen by a demon. See? That's how it works!

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