Saturday, January 2, 2016

Special New Year's Blog Post: What's Coming!

Glad it's 2016 now. Moving forward! The Bathory book will be at editor's very shortly, then publisher. I've done posts so not going to repeat myself. Well not yet, anyway.

I have begun another book, well--not writing yet. That has to wait a bit. But I have begun to make notes and character notes too. I have the first part outlined! It keeps me busy which is good and positive. Oh, and by the way, it is NOT dark horror. It's supernatural but not horror, more paranormal.
Fans of very dark horror, Circus of Horrors will also be released by Creativia in the New Year.

The other thing is a project that is really different. A friend and I had decided to collaborate on something. I am way behind because of traumatic events. But I am getting focused and ready to work on the story now. Yes, I can work on two things at one time. Working on more, would make my head explode. Going to avoid that for now.

Good wishes for this next year! And best wishes to you with whatever you're working on or hoping for.

And one more thing. Those of you facing a difficult time, I know what that's like, I wish you well. Remember, we never stop missing the people we loved who've left us, we just grow more accustomed to the loss as we continue to love them. Love never dies. Ever!

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