Saturday, January 9, 2016


Okay, first of all this post refers to the next book I'm writing. I am outlining! Well, I can't write at the moment--not until my head is on straight or at least straighter.

I do outline a little, I outline (even when I wasn't outlining much in my previous books) chapters (always) and have a general over-all outline so I never got stuck. But now at this point in time, I'm doing more.

I am doing my characters a lot more and the story line in depth. It's making the book come to life that much sooner because when I can, I will jump in and start the real writing of it.

It's a book close to my heart now--I'll be posting about it, don't you worry. Do I ever shut up? Nah!

We all have our own way of working and whatever works for you as a writer, is how you should go. We're all different. I've got my eighth book coming out soon, and as I go, I learn (I hope I do) ways to improve what I do and how I do it. The whole thing, the craft of writing is a learning experience. That and adapting and growing as a writer.

I have learned along the way that a story evolves on its own, no matter what you've planned. This is interesting! The characters show you the way to a great extent and you listen. If they're not crazy, then I go with it. But who I am to judge?!

I still go with what I intended basically, but there might be a refinement or two I didn't consider. That's what I mean. A small refinement can be really interesting.

Well, that's all for now. But there will be more and when there is, I'll tell you about it!

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