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“When you’re a Vamp you’re a Vamp all the way from your first taste of blood through all your undying days…!”

Yes, it’s Riffy Vampire and he’s on his way to see his pal, Tony but Tony will beg off telling him he is tired of fighting the Zombies.

“Besides there’s this girl…”

“You traitor!” Riffy cried. “I know who you mean! I seen you with her. Why she’s nothing but a decomposing Zombie!”

Tony was adamant. “I love her!”

“But Maria Zombie and her brother are our immortal enemies!”

“Well they shouldn’t be!” Tony shouted back.

“Why, you lousy punk! How could you betray me, your bro, and with a Zombie yet? They’re the dregs man! They don’t belong here. Ain’t this neighborhood bad enough already? They need to go back where they came from. This city should be zombie free!”

Tony shook his head. “But I can’t stop seeing her. I love her!”

And so he did, deeply too and if he did, Maria felt the same way even though her brother Bernardo had warned her not to ever befriend a Vampire, let alone have petting sessions with one!

Bernie’s girl even got into the act. Yeah, Anita, Bernie’s main squeeze tried to reason with Maria singing the most heart rendering song to her--but to no avail. For when she finished, Maria merely swore her undying love for Tony. Not only that, the two continued to see each other and alone, too!
Ah undead love!
Now there was a human who liked the undead, who felt sorry for them for he understood their ways. As a matter of fact he was a horror writer! So respected was he that both his blood and his flesh were off limits to Zombie and Vampire alike!

He always tried reasoning with them, even if he had a deadline to make:
“My goodness! Why can’t you get along? Why do you act as if there’s some kinda apocalypse waiting to happen?

They were all sitting in his little candy store. The one Eddie Poe owned in order to supplement his writing.

Suddenly some human gangbangers came in, the Crips and Bloods had come for a conference.

“Hey!” Riffy Vampire cried gesturing wildly. “You’re not all human there’s undead in your ranks both Zombies and Vampires! Why is that?!"

Tito 179 head of the Crips nodded. “Yeah. We got both in with us. They’re okay, they’re stand up guys!”

Both Riffy and Bernardo looked appalled. 

Some of the gang stepped forward to introduce themselves.

Eddie Poe, always the idealist and mistrustful of their motives, shook his head. “But this isn’t a solution. Don’t you understand? It’s no good to be in a gang anyway!”

“Ah shut up, man!” Tito 179 cried. “We came here to work out a truce for Christmas. A truce between all undead and the living. And a truce is a truce man!”

The truth of that statement hit Eddie hard and he wept as did all the Vampires and Zombies—even Bernie and Riffy were sobbing.

Soon they were all overcome with emotion as the Crips and Bloods also broke down.

Nothing like this had ever happened! There would be peace perhaps beyond Christmas.

“Hey we can do it, right?”

That was the general consensus and it was very inspiring. Yet that is not the end, for this is a tale of woe. Sadly, neither Tony nor Maria knew of the truce for they had already destroyed themselves as neither could abide existing in an undead world filled with hatred.

All are punished unless someday, somewhere, someplace they can all find a new way of existing!
The End

© Copyright 2011 Carole Gill

Glutton for punishment? There are a lot more where that came from!

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