Thursday, October 16, 2014

EXCERPT Vampire Retribution from House of Horrors 99CENTS!


It was their last kill; they hadn’t fed well for a long time so when they saw the young couple, they sprang out of the deep shadows desperate for their sustenance. The girl screamed but her scream died in her throat when Mara tore her larynx apart and the girl’s blood poured like a great black fountain in the light of a jaundiced moon.

Yaga, her mate, was feasting on the young man who lay torn and bleeding.  Each of them feeding voraciously for they knew the blood would soon stop. That was why vampires always went for the blood-engorged organs first, drinking and savoring the precious nectar.

It was ecstatic—almost sensual and they both moaned with pleasure as they fed. But then she sensed something untoward and glanced up.

She hissed when she saw them.

There were five armed men led by a cleric carrying a huge cross. “Kill them!” he ordered.

Kill them?! How ironic to kill the undead—surely not.

But all vampires and those who killed them knew they could in fact be destroyed.

“In the name of Christ, you are gone!” The cleric cried as he swung wildly and hit each of them with his cross.

Mara screeched as her flesh began to burn and the air was filled with the acrid stench of such burning.

She called for her mate: “Yaga! I burn! Help me!”

But he burned too and could not help her.

The cleric was not moved. He hated these creatures for he knew them to be monsters. “Die you demons from hell!
If his cross burned their flesh, the swords were used for another purpose, one he had no business engaging in, for he was sworn not to kill.

Yet he could not stop himself. For his hatred was too great. Finally, he grabbed a sword. “I wish to do it myself!” he cried.

It took only two swipes to decapitate each of them.

Their heads flew from their bodies rolling toward the church.
 “See how they bleed!”

And bleed they did. A veritable torrent of blood poured forth from their corpses to pool at the edge of the church—the cleric’s church.

The men were pleased for they had aided their leader--this leader of the vampire destroyers.

Lately they had caused great carnage, these creatures from hell. Countless drained corpses had been found.

And if that wasn’t horrific enough, what was also discovered was their proclivity to feast upon their prey.

“It is not enough to drain God’s creatures; they commit worse sacrilege by feasting upon them!”

He wondered when it would end and how it would end.

Finally, he had them buried beyond his church. “Make haste lest you be seen!”
The men hurried to collect the mutilated remains of those they had destroyed.

They did not know that something or someone watched from the distance
(End of excerpt) 



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