Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fiction for Lost Souls and Book News

Dark dreams, fantasies--hauntings, possessions. The darkside has a pull. Not for everyone but for some. If you are so drawn and know how addictive that other place is, then you are one of the lost souls. Not literally but in your mind, in the ideas you dare to have. You see, with those ideas, comes the need to explore!

And why not explore other worlds--other places where your imagination seeks to take you? Are dark dreams bad? Not at all! Often, they are an escape from reality and let's face it, reality sometimes is a place we'd like to leave for while. Distraction has its merits. So step forward. Come along and see what awaits!

I have begun another novel. It has a series of hauntings running through the straight, modern crime thriller that it really is.

Like my other fiction, it has darkness in it, but the protagonist is all too human. She is a murderess and there is this haunting you see...

Don't worry, I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, if you haven't read my work there are seven novels and a collection packed with my short stories, previously published in anthologies. This will lead you squarely into the darkside. Step easily, and do avoid the shadows if you can!


Meanwhile, let me just ask you to please vote, if you haven't yet--my latest release based on human monster, Countess Erzsbet Bathory, known in life as Countess Dracula has been nominated in the Critters' readers' poll:


Would love you to vote here:

I, Bathory, Queen of Blood

"5 stars - "A blood-soaked rendition of the 'Countess Dracula, her best yet!"

"Solid Gothic Horror from Gill"


Until next time! Here's looking at you!

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