Monday, March 28, 2016


Can monsters? Can vampires feel love and passion?  I think most readers of paranormal and Gothic fiction would agree they can.
But can they love without being 'good'? In other words, can thoroughly evil, vicious, demonic creatures such as demons and vampires actually 'love?'
Why not, everyone has their good and darkside? Sound silly? Well, let's consider!
For those of us who like real, dark villains, not pouty vampire ones, this is a question we like to consider.
Can't there be a part of a monster that actually can love? I think there can be. I think the tragedy of the monster suddenly feeling something that tames him and mellows him even if it is for a short time, is to be explored, developed and written about because it's interesting!
Those of us who adore Coppola's film of Dracula know what that means. I've blogged about it before.

In fact, I was inspired to write The Fourth Bride (of Dracula) because of that film! 
In my novel, just as in the film, Dracula is not diminished in the least. He kills and corrupts, he is evil, he is hellish but he is also tragic.
He loved once as a human being and he loves again, not just those lusty 'brides' of his, but the profound love he felt in his living life he experiences again when he sees Mina in the film and Dia in my novel.

And by the way, this, the fourth book in my series can
be read as a standalone. The Fourth Bride
This question of a demon feeling love, spawned two books. Those two books are Unholy Testament - The Beginnings and Unholy Testament - Full Circle
Make no mistake about it, Eco was a vicious blood monster in the first book, The House on Blackstone Moor. He raped my heroine and would have taken her to hell with him.
However! It is in both volumes of Unholy Testament that he explains how he did this when, in fact, he had fallen in love with her! Hence, his confession to her which is what both these books are about.
This is a complex demonic vampire. This is an intelligent, corrupt being who has killed and destroyed and wallowed in sin, but who has felt love in the course of his immortal existence.
I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries with my fiction. I want to see what I can do, where it can go, where I can lead the reader. That's what this, my dark Gothic romantic fiction is all about! 


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