Monday, February 22, 2016

About House of Horrors!

An anthology of stories that appeared in various anthologies

The stories contained within I had a lot of fun writing. I have some favorites, like Monster Inside which was inspired by a marriage from hell (my first marriage). 

Each story was inspired by something. A few were inspired by serial killers. The most infamous, Jack the Ripper. In fact there are three about THE RIPPER. In one I identify him!

There are themed stories for Halloween, Christmas and New Year's. Those tend to be darkly humorous. 

One story I'm particularly proud of is about how evil spreads. A child knows evil has come to her house in her village. The story evolves and what it turns out to be is pretty shocking I think. There's another story that is connected to that evil, that is pretty creepy. I wrote it because of actual horrific practices that certain sadistic lunatics indulged in. 

There really are monsters among us. Some of us marry them, know them, work for them, have them  as neighbors. What's road rage, but a monster driving a car who shows his/her true colors? That's the bit that both entices and scares me. Murderous psychopaths don't necessarily look different. Who knows what goes on inside someone's head?

Don't get me wrong, I have supernatural monsters in the collection, too! There are zombies, werewolves and vampires. But there's more diverse ones as well. 

Before you go, here's a review snippet:

“I fear we too are dying, for we live with madness.” The nightmarishly beautiful prose is but one reason to venture into the unnerving catacombs of House of Horrors, an anthology of short genre excursions by the indomitable Carole Gill. From a storm-shrouded lighthouse to the foggy realms of haunted forests and even a jaunt through Whitechapel, Carole Gill lulls you into her gothic web, masterfully weaving for you a series of nightmarish tales to unease your dreary nights. She is the contemporary incarnation of the storyteller at the fire, and we gather in the light of the flickering flame wide-eyed and eager to listen.

Joshua Skye

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