Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Work-In-Progress Blog Tour: Meet Anat: Blood Princess!

My wonderful author friend Julie Northrup has nominated me for this work-in-progress blog challenge. The idea is that we reveal something about our work-in-progress, link back to the person who nominated us, and in turn nominate a further three people to continue the chain.

My work-in-progress is the second novel in the Blood and Passion Series.

Book 1, Justine: Into the Blood was just released. And it seems my readers can't wait for the next in the series! The character, Anat made her debut  in Justine.

She is featured in Book 2. Her story is tragic. Anat, whose living life was in Ancient Egypt committed an unpardonable sin as a royal princess. She fell madly in love with a servant. They both paid dearly for this taboo affair.

Her former lover, Ramet, is a main character in Book 1, Justine: Into The Blood.

Book 2Anat: Blood Princess is a story of love and loss, betrayal and unimaginable evil.

From the book:

"Today I am Cleopatra and next week I might be Helen of Troy. The possibilities are endless. I am one person and then another. Still, I am compliant for an actress must be..."

Indeed. How lucky they were in the dawn of Hollywood to have an actress who existed through eons of time, a true Hollywood vamp!

The story will tell of her living life in Ancient Egypt, her torrid affair and her death and raising up. Spanning centuries, she finds love--indeed seeks it; yet it is never as she knew it once to be. Still, her quest goes on, just as she does...

She has, in the previous novel, Justine: Into the Blood found her love from her living life. It is quite an emotional time for them, as that lover was punished for his indiscretion most cruelly.

In Book 2, Anat: Blood Princess, the evil sorcerer Natalas who created both of them becomes the dominant figure in Anat's existence. He has planned everything down to the last detail. Capable of anything, he is not to be trusted, yet he can force anyone, including the undead, to do his bidding.

I had this novel in my head as I wrote Justine. Now, I get to write it to its conclusion!

These are my nominations to carry the challenge onwards:

Craig Gaydas, Billie Lanford and Mary Bernsen.


  1. Hi Carole, I pinned, google+ shared, tweeted & FB. Like your blog. Now I really have to read the 2nd book. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Sahara!
    really kind of you. you will!! you will!! read it that is!

  3. I can't wait! I love JUSTINE: Into the Blood!

  4. Thank you so much!!!! it's comin'! xx