Sunday, August 24, 2014

Efestival of Words 2014: Eco Won Best Villain And...!

The House on Blackstone Moor, the novel in which he made his debut, won Best Horror in Efestival of Words 2014. And as I said, he was voted Best Villain. 

Now, I am pretty happy about that, but I want to do Eco justice. I want everyone to know that he doesn't just appear as the villainous monster in Book 1 of The Blackstone Vampires Series, he is featured in Unholy Testament - The Beginnings, Book 2 wherein he tells his story. He claims he must confess his sins. But there are so many sins to confess that he must continue his story in Unholy Testament - Full Circle, Book 3. In the The Fourth Bride, Book 4, he appears once again in a most surprising way I have to say. His appearance in this novel will leave you stunned.

Still, Eco is a villain's villain. He is a monster, the son of a fallen angel and human woman. He is demonic and the very epitome of evil but--!! He is a highly intelligent demon. He is so discerning, he cannot ignore truth when he sees it, whatever that truth may be. This, as he says in his own words, is what drove him mad. And mad he is.

He is complex--the most complex of any of the characters in my Series. He is also my favorite character. Whatever I write in the future, I will never have a character I am more obsessed with. I suppose it is because of the complexity of his being. He is monstrous yet he can be sympathetic. I have had reviewers say they found themselves feeling sorry for him as he recounts the most horrendous sins--! Now that's a complicated being! That is what I find so intriguing about him. I created him yet, he exists on his own, he always has!

I hope you will wish to find out more about this unique villain; this self-hating, sin-loving, vicious demon who will will share his secrets with you. Be prepared though for they are dark!

He says he has loved--in fact, he claims that is the reason he penned his confessions to the woman he professes to love. That's in Books 2 and 3. 

You can meet him any time you choose. He is waiting for you. Find him in all four novels that make up The Blackstone Vampires Omnibus. These are four full-length novels. The entire series is $3.99 which I think is pretty fair for four books.

I thank you and Eco does too--but I'd be wary of him. He's just not the sort of being you want to trust completely. 

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