Saturday, August 31, 2019

New Book is Coming!

The death of a spouse is life-changing and so my writing has changed. It's taken three years for me to work on a book, but I am and that's a major accomplishment. It's a different genre, don't have the desire to write dark horror any more. I do have the inspiration and affection for my cat and for felines in general. I learned a great deal about cats, their history and their surprising and unique personalities.

Please be patient and follow me through this journey. The cat that features in the book is special and so are her adventures. She has a mission to follow. It is of great benefit to those lucky enough to meet her.

I can't say when it will be done, but each day is a day closer. There's history, humor, pathos, poignancy and an array of emotions--from human and animal points of view. It is not a children's book. Please stay tuned!

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