Saturday, February 16, 2019

Oops! When Your Work in Progress Surprises You!

If you write, you might know what this feels like. If you read, you might be interested. Depsite working with a detailed outline, the characters still call the shots. I can't help it. It might be easier if they didn't.

Today, for example, I'm writing--minding my own business and suddenly I'm hearing from an important character, a confession. I wasn't going to make him a choir boy, but I didn't expect to hear about his membership in something shocking. He's not only a naughty aristocrat, I love naughty aristos, don't you! He's part of something that is really awful and answers a great many questions!

I can't spell it out other than to say, I'm amazed and I think my readers will be too!
No use guessing, all will be revealed! 


  1. I wonder what your naught aristocrat has been up to!

  2. well, u will find out! :) thanks so much for replying!