Sunday, May 20, 2018


Just checked on a group I'm in for book promotion, only allowed to advertise your book ON THE RELEASE DAY! Holy moly! Vot good is dot???? I was first published 7 years ago so each of my seven books had one release day! That's terrible! It precludes promotion of a special offer. I get them periodically, scheduled by  my publisher.

I've been in this group for years! Just don't post there. I'll probably leave, as any published author will agree, I am sure, that one release day does not constitute a marketing strategy. I would feel just as happy to jump off a tall building than to wait for a book to be finished so I can put up a link there. I am writing a book now, and it's taking long as I'm still recovering from a life-changing loss. Heck! I had two releases of already finished books when my husband died. Those were the two releases! Oh cripes! I missed my chance! Darn it! There is nothing I can do about it.

Pardon the sarcasm but it really is called for. I think I'll write a book about sarcasm! Should also have bits of irony.

One questions the motives of a group like that. Could it be hostility against authors in general, published that is.

Oh! And by the way, the group IS NOT CALLED NEW RELEASES, I guess because that would have made sense.

See ya!

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