Friday, April 27, 2018

Every Day Horrors

Did you ever stop and think about the routine horrors you endure? Waiting at the bus stop and the driver doesn't stop, but sees you and the other mortified, but powerless victims, alongside you?

I always imagine they are laughing as they do that, perhaps pounding the steering wheel with mad glee as well. Those people are nuts and sadly, psychopaths make up a small percentage of the popuation. They might never kill but...they are nuts! As in different, with their own agenda.

There are also people that are odd, that are friendly and not friendly, depending on their mood. I dislike people like that, especially when there's no reason to be like that. I've grown a thicker skin and find things that bothered me no longer do, they make me laugh, if anything, because the moody blue people are so predictable.

I used to really care about people liking me but when I suffered a profound loss, I changed. I knew I would, friends said I would and I did.

Someone once said, 'don't audition for the people that don't like you.' I listened and stopped. Now I dance for those that like me and care about me.

You can't make people like you and even if you could, why would you?!

p.s. I have a promotion Fri and Saturday!
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