Friday, February 3, 2017

Crossover Fiction, Moi?

Life has a way of affecting who we are and how we think and what we write, if we're writers. Now, I've come to a crossroads. It's time for something new. Now dark horror fans, that isn't to say I am not going to still be writing horror because I will. In fact, I already started a book before this, that is about a terrifying haunting. So wait for it. It will follow this one!

I read up on crossover fiction and I know it's for me because I've been enjoying it for years but never gave it a thought as to writing it.

Its exact meaning is debatable, what it means to me however, is, it's fiction that appeals to adults and young adults. I see it as that.

This new work in progress, the crossover one, is darkly comic with all kinds of adventures and packed with eccentric characters. There are outrageous situations and a great deal of supernatural stuff too. There are ghosts and clairvoyants, and a few vampire hunters. There is someone who is kept locked away for everyone's safety as well. The screams are infrequent and as Gran tells Elle, she will get accustomed to it all.

Some strange and terrifying beings tell their stories, but they would because they are some of the beings Gran has saved over the years.

If you're under 18 and over 80 there are darkly comic things for you to enjoy. I promise you!

I will, to avoid confusion, use my name, but it will look like this: Carole Gill writing as
Esme Aschenputtel or whatever pen name I choose.

Posts have been going up about the characters, giving behind the scenes info about what's going on in the story. I'm having a lot of fun with that.

I love crossover fiction and I always have. But I never thought about writing it. JK Rowling's Harry Potter, Daniel Handler penning Lemony Snicket's,  A Series of Unfortunate Events and lately,
Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce Mysteries, convinced me otherwise. If I find myself reading those books and enjoying them, that tells me something. I am also reading Roald Dahl's brilliant work, I discovered years ago.

Read a lot and read widely is the best advice we get! Tomorrow I'll be putting up another post from my work in progress. It's all been quite a departure for me which is all part of the adventure as well as part of the journey!

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