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Aunt Dotty and the Dresser!

Rinaldo de Seville, dresser to Sir Giles Can'tactbutlovesshakespeare

These posts are about characters in my work in progress. They are behind the scenes sketches of the amazing people that appear in the book. It's a magical book about magical people. Things occur because they can. But other things occur and nothing can be done about them, well almost nothing! Almost. 

This post follows upon Eccentric Aunt Dotty!

Eccentric Aunt Dotty

Rinaldo de Seville had indeed been a dresser to a number of famous actors. I met him when I just turned fourteen. I had long since discovered my psychic abilities which were particularly pronounced when surrounded by strong emotions, not just my own either. Such was the emotion with Dotty. A love from the past! A love she had never forgotten.

Aunt Dotty had been invited over to tea with Gran.

"Dotty, you look like you want something."

Gran's voice was not accusatory, she was amused if anything. Dotty agreed. "I've been wondering about that dresser I used to know..."

"The Latin lover!" Gran said.

Dotty looked a little embarrassed. "Well--!"

Before I knew it I was doing a reading. I began doing them when I was twelve. Shortly after Gran declared me a most competent vessel for spiritual entities. I did have a few spirit guides that helped me on many occasions. "You, my dear will help people! I am very proud of you. I had a bit of a talent for it, but could never develop it."

I did a reading for Dotty. And by the next day we were bound for Park Slope in Brooklyn. What I found amazing was how much younger Dotty looked. How was it possible?

She confessed on the subway. "I learned little tricks in my youth when I worked as a ladies maid. Posture and attitude can nearly change your appearance!"

I had my doubts but agreed, though I would learn the truth of this in the future, particularly when extra help came into it.

Meanwhile, she looked lovely and I was pleased for her. I told her we had to locate the end house on a particular street. Eventually, we did. It was a lovely building, done in a New Orleans sort of design with black grill work abounding.

"Are you sure this is the right place?"

Dotty was flushed and fanning herself with her hankie which of course was doing no good at all. I assured her I was certain. She began to hesitate. She nearly gave up but I convinced her to at least go to the door so I could meet the gentleman. At last I did meet him.

He was quite handsome. A very distinguished gentleman of sixty I'd have said.

"I cannot tell you how much I've looked forward to this moment!"

Dotty had been too nervous to phone, so I had.

We sat and chatted for quite some time. It was sad though, perhaps the word is poignant. His life had been filled with disappointments.

"I thought I'd be an actor. But it never panned out. Instead, I became a dresser to the stars."

His eyes lingered on Dotty. "I remember you as being the loveliest of Sir Giles' fans. He's gone now. Did you know."

She knew. As I sat there listening to these two speak of old times and experiences they both shared, I began to think, as young as I was, that life rushes by quickly. Those people that don't grab hold of what they want are passed over.

"Do you remember, Dotty how we danced?"

Dotty said she did. My eyes misted over when she sighed. And when Rinaldo went over to the phonograph, I nearly broke down!

"Come, and enchant me once again!" he said. "It is your favorite, La Cumparsita!"

Even I recognized the tango as being the most famous. The two melted in each other's arms and the years faded from both of them. It was indeed magic, a truly fantastical moment.

There was a great deal more I would learn about Dotty and Rinaldo. I would even be asked if I wished a trip back in time to witness for myself whatever I wished to see. And to remain as long as I liked! You see, my adventures were just beginning!

© 2017 Carole Gill

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