Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Some Characters For You!

Doing an intricate outline for this book. My characters and storyline grow better that way. I'm making a kind of 'family album' of a very weird, lunatic family.

I'll be posting every now and then. I always say, and that's having written eight books, that characters give you the story. They give it to you in a short story as well.

Here's a bit:
"Ours was an unusual family. There was Gran at the center of it as well as her brothers and sisters and their children. I won't tell you what vocations they had as I need to prepare you first. Suffice it to say some rooms were off limits. The funny thing was, in books and films, those locked rooms are intriguing. Any protagonist wants desperately to see what's inside. NOT ME! I was learning too much. As for the tower upstairs and the screaming...well, because I knew something of the inmate's story, I did actually want to know more!"

end of teaser!

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